Briefly explained

TheProduction Process.

Since transparency and fairness are our top priorities, we show you here step-by-step how the cannabis plant is turned into a prescription medicine produced according to EU-GMP guidelines.

1. Growth process

To ensure consistent product quality, cuttings are taken from a specially selected mother plant. The aim is to grow plants with identical characteristics. During the entire growth process, factors such as temperature and humidity are strictly controlled.

2. Processing

After completion of the growth process, harvesting follows. Here, the flowers are separated from the remaining plant material, such as stems and leaves. The flowers are then dried under controlled conditions for several weeks.

3rd analysis

Once the flowers have been dried, they are analysed to ensure that they meet our high quality standards. The subsequent certificate of analysis gives precise information about the content of cannabinoids in the flower.

4. Packaging and shipping

Packaging and shipping of the cannabis flowers and extracts is carried out under strict safety regulations (under EU GMP standard).

5. Re-analysis

If products are imported from non-EU countries, a re-analysis is always carried out, which acts as an additional quality guarantee. This also results in a certificate of analysis.

6. Recipe

In Germany, Farmako products are approved as prescription medicines. The last part of the production, the prescription, therefore takes place in the pharmacy. Here, the pharmacist checks the product again (identity check) and processes it individually according to the patient's needs.

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