Farmako launches the first medicinal cannabis extracts from Poland

Farmako GmbH, an established pharmaceutical wholesaler with a focus on cannabinoid therapy, has imported medicinal cannabis extracts from Poland for the German market for the first time. The extracts are produced to the highest standards by the EU GMP-certified cannabis company Pharmacann Polska Sp. z o.o..


Farmako and Pharmacann Polska Sp. z o.o., EU GMP-certified cannabis company based in Poland and part of the PHCANN International group, have reached an important milestone in their collaboration, with the first importation of medicinal cannabis extracts from Poland to Germany. This import is the first of its kind, and Farmako and PHCANN International have come a long way together to make it possible, opening up supplies from Poland to Germany as the largest European cannabis market.


The extracts, which are now on the market under the Farmako brand, are produced by companies of PHCANN International. The production is done with selected hybrid varieties, grown indoors under GACP - EU GMP conditions and completely without the use of pesticides and extracted and manufactured according to the highest standards and under strict quality control in the EU GMP certified production facility.


With the launch of the extracts, Farmako strengthens its position as a medical cannabis supplier with a comprehensive portfolio - from flowers and extracts to isolate and cannabis identity testing kits.


"Against all odds' is something we have to say with a touch of self-irony. It took much longer than planned and expected to bring the products to market and it was not an easy road, but we all worked hard to clear the way. Our partner PHCANN International has shown impressive perseverance, but above all a very high degree of professionalism. The medical cannabis market in Germany has changed, and it is now no longer just a matter of delivering product, especially in flower, where there is already a tendency to oversupply. Together with PHCANN International, we want to work on products at competitive and attractive prices, especially to promote extracts as an essential part of cannabis therapy - not only for self-payers and private patients, but for all patients," says Katrin Eckmans, managing director of Farmako GmbH.


The German medicinal cannabis market is now characterised by a large number of manufacturers and dealers offering a wide variety of flower products. Often, the same products are sold under different brands and names, which can be confusing for doctors and patients. Extracts offer an alternative here, as they have a standardised cannabinoid content and thus enable controlled and constant medication. However, the market for cannabis extracts is still small, and its growth is still hindered by a very high price level, which discourages patients, doctors and health insurance companies. Farmako wants to change this and offer products at significantly lower prices.


Farmako has also recently signed a new wholesale agreement for its THC test kits with a leading cannabis manufacturer who will offer the test kits together with its own cannabis products, underlining Farmako's position as a reliable industry partner.


Further details on Famako's products are provided for professionals in the closed professional area.



About Farmako

As a GDP-certified pharmaceutical wholesaler with a focus on medicinal cannabis, Farmako aims to provide reliable cannabinoid therapy to all patients with a high burden of symptoms, as well as to support doctors and pharmacists in their daily work in the best possible way: through fair prices, reliable product quality and delivery capability, as well as efficient service. The company has already been distributing medical cannabis products to pharmacies in Germany since March 2019 and also has the necessary licences in the UK. Farmako is a 100% subsidiary of the Agra Ventures Ltd Group.

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About PHCANN International

PHCANN International is a pharmaceutical company with international standards in the production of cannabis-based medicinal extracts and other pharmaceutical dosage forms. Based on market experience from Israel, Canada and USA, the group's mission is to ensure the availability of natural cannabis-based pharmaceutical products while maintaining strictly controlled pharmaceutical quality and establishing knowledge on the use of medicinal cannabis.

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About Agra Ventures

Agra Ventures is a growth-oriented and diversified company focused on the international cannabis industry. The group is dedicated to the cultivation, distribution and marketing of high quality cannabis and cannabis-infused products worldwide. In Canada, the Agra Ventures Group includes Boundary Bay Cannabis, one of the largest cannabis greenhouse facilities focused on the cost-optimised cultivation of high-potency cannabis in Delta, BC. Farmako GmbH, GDP-certified wholesaler based in Frankfurt, has already been a reliable supplier of medical cannabis in Germany since 2019.

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