Comprehensively validated, fast & cost-effective

The Farmako THC/CBD Combitest for identity testing of cannabis flowers and extracts, dronabinol and CBD isolate

Farmako offers pharmacies a comprehensively validated method for the detection of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) for DAB/DAC-compliant
identity testing of cannabis as a source material according to ApBetrO - as an alternative to personnel-, time- and cost-intensive thin-layer chromatography .


Result in only 5 minutes.
No preparation of the cannabis material required.
All test solutions already included.
Easy performance & evaluation with test strips and color change.


DAB/DAC compliant identity testing with detection
of THC & CBD.
THC and CBD testing run in parallel / independently.
from each other.


Comprehensive validation for
flowers, extracts,
dronabinol &
CBD isolate

Steadily growing list
validated products


Favorable price with
minimal material and time.

Save additional costs with multipacks

Our test kits cover the entire range of cannabis formulations currently available on the market. Identity testing is performed as an alternative to thin-layer chromatography, uncomplicated and with minimal minimal material, time and cost requirements.

- Externally validated for various cannabis flowers, cannabis extracts, dronabinol as well as CBD isolate.
- All test solutions are already included in the test kits (for the THC test, only water needs to be added).
- Significant time savings, as detection of THC and CBD run in parallel and independently of each other (THC with test strip, CBD with color change).
- Only minimal consumption of the material to be tested (a few milligrams or 1-2 drops).
- No pre-treatment of flowers necessary (pulverization, filtration, ultrasonic bath etc.).

Depending on your needs, we have different test kits (THC, CBD, THC/CBD combination test; 1-packs, 5-packs and multipacks). You can easily order the following test kits directly from us - of course free of shipping costs at any time (graduated prices can be found in the online store):

THC-CBD Combitest_5er

THC/CBD Combitest

- THC rapid test strips
- THC solvent
- CBD solvent
- Test instructions with test protocol & validation

Pack of 5 (5 pieces)
PZN: 17834583 | Price: 49,90 €

1 pack (1 piece)
PZN: 17834577 | Price: 12,99 €

THC/CBD Combitest


- THC rapid test strips
- THC solvent
- CBD solvent
- Test instructions with test protocol & validation

Multi-pack 10 (10 pieces)
PZN: 18375019 | Price: 79,90 €

Multi-Pack 20 (20 pieces)
PZN: 18375002 | Price: 139,90 €

THC Test Kit_5s

THC test kit

- THC Rapid Test Strips
- THC Solvent
- Test instructions with test protocol & validation

Pack of 5 (5 pieces)
PZN: 16938211 | Price: 39,90 €

1 pack (1 piece)
PZN: 17386736 | Price: 10,99 €

CBD Test Kit_5s

CBD test kit

- CBD Solvent
- Test instructions with test protocol & validation

Pack of 5 (5 pieces)
PZN: 17834560 | Price: 24,90 €

The Farmako test kits are comprehensively validated:

In order to provide pharmacies with certainty regarding compliance with the ApBetrO, Farmako has had the test method validated with the Farmako test kits for flowers, extracts, dronabinol and also CBD isolate. The validation was carried out by the Bremen-based certified testing laboratory for pharmaceutical analysis, QSI - Quality Services International GmbH. We will be happy to provide you with the detailed validation reports so that you can discuss them with your responsible official pharmacist or pharmacist. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


THC/CBD Combination Test / THC Test Kit / CBD Test Kit; Thin Layer Chromatography (Ph.Eur. 2.2.27) according to DAB "Cannabis Flower", DAB "Adjusted Cannabis Extract", DAC "Dronabinol", DAC "Cannabidiol"; IR Spectroscopy (Ph.Eur. 2.2.24) (for Dronabinol).

Validation for:

Cannabis flowers
  • Bedrocan
  • Bedrolite
  • Bediol
  • IMC 17/1
Cannabis extracts
  • Farmako 50 (5% THC)
  • Althea THC 2 : CBD 25
  • Althea THC 5 : CBD 10
  • Althea THC 10 : CBD 12
  • Althea THC 20 : CBD 1
  • Betahealth balanced THC 12.5 CBD 12.5
  • Betahealth forte THC 25 CBD <1
  • Grow 10:15
  • 10% CBD full spectrum extract
  • Vertanical THC 50 *
  • Vertanical CBD 50 *
  • Vertanical THC 50 / CBD 50 *

* Verification by manufacturer

Dronabinol & CBD Isolate


Test kit is specific to detect the identity of cannabis flowers / cannabis extracts / CBD isolate / dronabinol.

Acceptance criterion:

Line formation / color change must be unambiguous and correspond to the identity according to DAB / DAC.


Line formation / color change unambiguous, corresponds to DAB/DAC monograph. All acceptance criteria for the detection of the identity of THC as well as CBD by means of the Farmako THC/CBD Combitest are fulfilled.

The identity test is valid and fit for purpose. It can be assumed that the proof of identity also meets the criterion for other cannabis flowers and oil-based extracts.


Other notes & legal framework:

For pharmacies only, not for sale to end users. Products contain methanol (Hazardous substance EC no.: 200-659-6), as well as potassium hydroxide solution in ethanol.
Please observe the and safety data sheet. Reaction vessels Dispose of as hazardous waste.

According to §11 of the Pharmacy Operations Regulation (ApBetrO), pharmacists must test starting materials, the quality of which is proven by a test certificate, at least for identity. According to §6 Paragraph 1 Sentence 2 ApBetrO, a pharmacy may apply other methods and use other devices than those described in the DAB for this identity test (according to DAB "Adjusted cannabis extract" as well as DAB "Cannabis flowers" this is thin layer chromatography), provided that the same results as with the described methods and devices are achieved.

The supervision of pharmacies with regard to the interpretation of the DAB is the responsibility of the responsible official pharmacists or pharmacy technicians. Since there is no uniform regulation throughout Germany, pharmacies should consult with the responsible official pharmacists or pharmacy technicians regarding the identity check.

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