Now even more cost-effective testing for identity: New THC/CBD combination test from Farmako is validated for all common cannabis formulations and precursors

Farmako GmbH is expanding its range of test kits for the identity testing of cannabis. With the new THC/CBD combination test, the identity testing of cannabis formulations and starting materials is now possible even faster and more cost-effectively as an alternative to thin-layer chromatography. The validation of the combination test includes various cannabis flowers, cannabis extracts, dronabinol as well as CBD isolate.


Pharmacies can now order the new THC/CBD combination test from Farmako. The combination test contains all the necessary testing equipment for the identity testing of cannabis as a source substance according to ApBetrO. The test for THC is carried out with the help of a rapid test strip. While waiting for the result of the THC test strip, the test for CBD can be carried out in parallel using a colour change test. This saves valuable time during the test. No pre-treatment of flowers is necessary. All test solutions are already included in the test kit, only water has to be added for the THC test. A test protocol is included in each test kit to make it easier for pharmacists to document the alternative identity test.


The testing laboratory QSI - Quality Services International GmbH has validated the specificity for different cannabis flowers (THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, THC/CBD balanced), cannabis extracts (THC as well as CBD whole extract), dronabinol and CBD isolate. It was confirmed that in addition to the validated varieties, other flowers and extracts can also be tested with the test.


Pharmacies thus have the opportunity to test a wide range of cannabis formulations and precursors with a single test kit, without having to purchase expensive reference substances.


Farmako had already launched a THC test kit as an aid for pharmacies in December 2020, which is now being supplemented by the THC/CBD combination test and a CBD test kit. Since there is no nationwide uniform regulation for the identity testing of cannabis, pharmacies can thus choose from the portfolio and select the test variant that is necessary and economically sensible for them in each case.


"We are pleased about the consistently positive response from the market. Our major goal is to reduce the hurdles for cannabis patients, suppliers and professionals as much as possible. In order to promote cannabinoid therapy, it is enormously important to relieve or facilitate work steps for professionals as far as possible. The less time spent on testing, production and related documentation, the more time is left for the important care and counselling of patients. Especially with regard to the identity verification of cannabis in the pharmacy, there is no uniform nationwide regulation. The possibility of identity verification through validated rapid testing procedures is a significant step in the right direction to further simplify cannabinoid therapy and we are proud to have helped initiate this movement at the end of 2020," says Katrin Eckmans, managing director of Farmako GmbH.  


Further information on the THC/CBD Combitest:

According to Section 11 of the Pharmacy Operations Regulations (ApBetrO), starting materials whose quality has been verified by a test certificate must at least be tested for identity in the pharmacy. According to § 6 paragraph 1 sentence 2 ApBetrO, a pharmacy may apply other methods and use other devices than described in the DAB instead of the test methods specified in the DAB (according to DAB "cannabis extract" as well as DAB "cannabis flowers", DAC dronabinol as well as DAC cannabidiol, this is thin layer chromatography or IR spectroscopy, respectively) for this identity test, provided that the same results are obtained as with the methods and devices described.


Thin-layer chromatography (DC) in particular is effective as a method for identity testing, but it involves an enormous amount of time, work and disproportionate costs. With the test kits developed by Farmako, a very fast, validated and economical identity testing is now possible without much time and material expenditure.


The test method is based on a highly specific immunoassay THC test strip with THC test solution as well as a CBD test solution for a colour change test (contains methanol or potassium hydroxide solution in ethanol). All necessary test materials are already included in the test kit - only water needs to be added for the THC test. Furthermore, only very little flower or extract material is necessary for the test. The result can be read after only 5 minutes.



The supervision of pharmacies with regard to the interpretation of the DAB is the responsibility of the responsible official pharmacists or pharmacists' assistants. Since there is no nationwide uniform regulation or interpretation, pharmacists should consult with the responsible official pharmacists or pharmacists regarding the identity check of cannabis.


The THC test kit is protected by patent (German patent application DE102020127871).
Test kits for pharmacists, not for distribution to end consumers.
Products contain methanol (Hazardous substance EC No.: 200-659-6) and potassium hydroxide solution in ethanol. Observe the information on hazardous substances and the safety data sheet. Dispose of reaction vessels as hazardous waste.

About Farmako

As a GDP-certified pharmaceutical wholesaler with a focus on medicinal cannabis, Farmako aims to provide reliable cannabinoid therapy for all patients with a high burden of symptoms, as well as to support doctors and pharmacists in their daily work in the best possible way: through fair prices, reliable product quality and delivery capability, as well as efficient service. The company has already been distributing medical cannabis products to pharmacies in Germany since March 2019 and also has the necessary licences in the UK to start active distribution there in 2021. Farmako is a 100% subsidiary of the Agra Ventures Ltd Group.

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About Agra Ventures

Agra Ventures is a growth-oriented and diversified company focused on the international cannabis industry. The group is dedicated to the cultivation, distribution and marketing of high quality cannabis and cannabis-infused products worldwide. In Canada, the Agra Ventures Group includes Boundary Bay Cannabis, one of the largest cannabis greenhouse facilities focused on the cost-optimised cultivation of high-potency cannabis in Delta, BC. Farmako GmbH, a GDP-certified wholesaler based in Frankfurt, has already been a reliable supplier of medical cannabis in Germany since 2019 and will further expand its European presence in 2021.

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